Monday, July 6, 2015

Toy Photo dump!

Jan 2014-Stunt Una

Personal Gift to Baroness Una

Roman Doll for demo box. Dress is based on a separate find of a doll dress (with scrap of tapestry sewn on front) contemporary to doll find previous doll is based on.

Dolls for Montengarde 12th Night/Avacal Investiture 2015 gift bags to visiting royals.

Dolls are dressed in the Roman, Coptic or Byzantine style in the colours of the three baronies of Avacal, Principality colours, and Kingdom (An Tir) colours. Unfortunately as always I forgot to take pictures and these were filched from one of the photographers at the event (Beothuk, I think)

Hobby Horse and Doll (eventually dressed in Viking-tunic, apron-dress, shawl) for Baronial gift bags at Avacal's First Crown Tourney

Yes, I forgot to take a picture of the finished doll.

New style of doll, also reconstructed based on a Roman Egypt era find from about the same time period as the other doll style. Arms modified from original.

Printed fabric from test pieces done by Viscountess Morrigan. Original has a body that appears to be resist dyed in indigo, with white head and arms.

Roman chiton... not happy with how it looks. Will have to try a different style of dress on the next one.

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