Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two more bags for largesse

(Image credit: Wendy Hobbs)

Flat haversack, don't know the exact dimensions. Roughly 12" x 11", I think.
Linen (outer-blue, inner-pale grey), cotton stitching.
Hems are done in running stitch, seams are done with a two-loop braid whip-stitched on with the weft. Gold and bright lime green. (See here for process.) Tassels were made with the ends of the loops and some additional thread of the same floss.

(Image credit: Wendy Hobbs)

Box Haversack, very large (12" x 17" x 3")
Melton-type wool, unlined. Bag is made of dark olive wool, with a burgundy front flap extension. Blanket-stitched edges on raw edges, in dark red wool. Front flap is attached using double running stitch and blanket-stitch at the edges, in apple green wool.

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