Monday, September 3, 2012


I made some haversacks recently too!

I made a red one of unknown fibre, lined and strapped in yellow cotton (Avacal's colours!) that I started for the siege sewing competition at Avacal/Tir Righ War in... 2008? But I don't seem to have taken a picture of it when I finally finished it in 2011... oops.

(photo credit to Baron Beothuk for the picture!)

Brown and white herringbone twill, with brown linen lining and an inkle woven strap given to me by HE Bryjna, to save me from having to sew one! For a siege largesse competition at Dragonslayer 2012 in Montengarde. Given to Baroness Wilma at the end of the day.

Haversack- black and white twill wool /red linen lining and strap (to HH Avacal for largesse)

The edges of both layers were folded between and whip-stitched with red wool. The strap was sewn right sides together and turn inside in, which was such a pain in the butt I didn't want to do it again! This one has two separate, long straps knotted together at the top to adjust for height.

Haversack- red and white herringbone twill wool /red linen lining and strap (to HH Avacal for largesse)

This time, to hell with it, the strap was whip-stitched too! The bag is BIG!

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