Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yet another doll!

Oh look! I made ANOTHER doll! :)

Jorvik doll! In PINK! Is my Cinnamon Candy Cane Viking!
Linen, linen, linen, cotton weaving thrum stuffing, cotton thread.

This is item 50 for my A&S 50 Largesse challenge. 2 1/2 years early! That being the case, I'm splitting the challenge up. 50 toys for largesse (currently at 28), 50 accessories ie. hats (15 already for largesse-the other 8 on the current hats list are mine or my lord's) and bags (6- I kept the red silk reliquary bag!) and maybe some embellishments (only 1, but I have ideas!) -- haven't decided if that will be two or three separate challenges or not. I've been getting/offering-to-fill several requests for bags lately, and hats seem to be the fruitcake of the largesse giving world... I've only seen three of the hats I've given out actually on someone's head!

I wanna raid
for a Northumbrian girl
I could be happy
to take as a wife
a Northumbrian girl.

A weaver of pictures
She spins in the night
I see us together,
by the firelight,
My Northumbrian girl.

Ten silver seaxes,
And a man with a bow
The tiller relaxes
While I kill my foe
For my Northumbrian girl.

I pillage England
I raid in the night
You'll see us together,
Wed after the fight,
My Northumbrian girl.

Thor sent me strength now
I'm gonna get her somehow
I need another chance
Don't want to have to go to France

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