Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A&S Hats Challenge

A&S50 List-Hats

Just because I have done these hats too...

1. Natural linen Dublin hat

2. White linen Jorvik hat

3. Yellow Linen Dublin hat

4. Green wool Birka hat/stealth coronet

5. Green wool Dublin hat [see previous post]

6. Brown wool Dublin Hat [see previous post]

7. Wool head scarf (dyed and hemmed)

8. Yellow linen Jorvik hat [see previous post]

9. Purple wool pillbox hat [see previous post]

10. Black silk Anglo-Saxon veil with attached headband

11. Metal brocaded headband

(three different conjectural ways of wearing it)

12. Small silk Dublin headscarf

(must be pinned or can be worn underneath, (if you want to be a muffin-head!))

13. Purple and green 6 panel Birka hat (child's)[no picture, same purple as pillbox hat in previous post, and same green as the Birka stealth coronet above, gold chain stitch (I think) hem treatment, and running stitch seam treatments]

14. Broken chevron twill 4 panel hat [no picture, same fabric as Greenland hood in previous post, with herringbone seam/hem treatments in dark red]

15. Broken chevron twill Greenland hood, lined in red linen [see previous post]

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